R-JAPAN is a company specializing in biotechnology that utilizes adult stem cells in the research and development of therapeutics for refractory diseases, as well as diseases caused by cell damage.


The world largest stem cell company

R-JAPAN stores and provides adult stem cells for medical institutes in Japan, in cooperation with K-STEMCELL, Korea, which has constructed the world’s largest adult stem cell processing center, and established a mass production system for stem cells.
In particular, we have established standardized stem cell culture technologies to enable the proliferation of a small amount of adipose stem cells into as large an amount as possible.
We are also conducting stem cell banking projects for Japanese as well as foreign patients in the USA, China, and Turkey.
We have also established a cooperative system with Japanese medical institutes, so that patients whose stem cells have been collected and stored by R-JAPAN may undergo treatments.


Treatment Outcomes

R-JAPAN has successfully utilized autologous adipose stem cells in the treatment of autoimmune diseases that are refractory to modern medicine, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism, to obtain substantial results. Such technologies have been recognized not only for their therapeutic value, but also for their potential in the prevention of ageing and diseases.